Pros and cons of owning a hamster

Dogs, cats, cows, and horses have been tamed as a pet since the time unknown and the love for these animals as a pet has remained same even in the present era. But, people, on the other hand, are showing their affection for small pets as well, and guineas pigs, rabbits, and hamsters are making a good choice of the pets.

If you are thinking to get hamster as your pet lately, then there are many things that you should make yourself familiar with like what type of environment will your pet need, their food, their living, and most importantly what are the pros and cons of owning a hamster. Yes, you read it right, pros and cons. There are pros and cons related to every pet animal, and hamsters too aren’t untouched of this fact. So, today, we will help you get familiarize with the pros and cons of owning a hamster.


Talking about the positive sides first will motivate you with your decision of having a hamster as your pet. So, here are a few pros associated with owning a hamster.

  • Hamsters are relatively small animals than to dogs and cats, and if you have a very small place where you can’t keep bigger pets, and you still have a wish and owning a pet, then hamsters will make great options.
  • Hamsters are may be small, but their species are known for being extremely playful and fun loving. Added to this, they are very adorable in their looks, and if you are having a guest coming over, they surely will fall in love with your hamster pets.
  • Unlike other animals, they smell less stinky, and you don’t have to bother yourself to make them take a bath every alternate day.
  • Buying a hamster doesn’t cost much, and if you don’t have a lot to spend on buying a pet, the hamster will be your best choice. You will get a great pet in a little sum.


So, after you have made yourself happy enough by knowing the pros of having a hamster as a pet, this is the time that you should know of their cons too.

  • Hamsters are likely to stay inactive during daytimes and stay highly active at nights. So, if you are preparing for your sleep and want things to be quiet, there are chances that you will be disturbed from your sleep multiple times during night. So, prepare yourself for this.
  • Hamsters are more prone to infections, and if you have a child, then the infection may infect your child as well. So, you have to be very cautious about their health.
  • Hamsters are playful animals, and if they are not being provided with the right exercise and plenty of activity, they might not live longer. So, make sure you are giving them enough to play and run.

So, now you know all that is needed to know about owning a hamster and if the cons still don’t stop you from buying these adorable animals, then go and get yourself with one.

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