How to Take Care of Dwarf Hamster?

If you’re a pet holder of a hamster, then you should know that there are different types of hamsters, where Dwarf hamster is only one breed. They are friendly what makes them an excellent pet for the household. They mainly live in groups on grasslands, forests, and deserts. When you got a chance to visit China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Siberia and other countries, you will be able to see numbers of the Dwarf hamsters.


Have you planned to buy hamsters? Then, it is best to choose the Dwarf type of hamster for the household. However, prior to paying for the hamster, you need to know how to take care of it, so you will have required knowledge to give a good life for your new pet.

How to take care of Dwarf hamster?

There are different types of dwarf hamster itself. Most popular of them are: white hamster, Roborovski and Campbells.

If you have decided to buy Dwarf type of hamster, then you should learn how to what housing she needs to live healthily. Below I have listed most important factors you have to take into consideration.

Things to do on caring of Dwarf hamsters:

Hamster cage

First of all, you need to buy a hamster cage to make housing for your pet. In addition to that, there are cages available for each type of hamster, so find cages that are mainly designed for Dwarf type of hamster. There are little bit smaller and their bars are placed more narrowly than in cages for Syrian hamster.

Making adjustments

Generally, hamsters live in a group, so if you’re going to buy more than one Dwarf hamsters, then you should make some adjustments in home. In this point, you need to make a separate house for male and female hamsters to avoid babies in future. However, in general Dwarf hamsters can live together in one cage what distinguishes them from Syrians.

Dry beddings

You have to allocate certain space for each hamster and give dry beddings to live well. While buying beddings, there is an important thing that you need to consider, type of materials. This is because some materials are allergic for Dwarf hamsters, so choose the right material for beddings.

Choose right place

Once you have purchased the right cage for your hamster, you need to choose the right place to locate it. Pick a room that is comfortable to stay at best temperature, and should get dark during the night time.

Food and water

Hamsters are omnivorous, you can give them almost all vegetables. However, to keep them healthy it is better buy food which is specially designed for the hamster. It comes with everything your hamster needs to eat. Vegetables can be given ones a week as a pleasure.

These are the most important things that you need to do after buying hamsters of Dwarf for your house.


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