Wire hamster cage

There are probably a number of types of hamster cages that you might know: the plastic ones, the aquarium type cages and even the metal and wire ones. All of these have their very own pros and cons and should be tallied thoroughly before buying. In this article, we are going to talk about the wire hamster cages which are by far the most bought and also the most popular kind of hamster cage in the market during to its easy cleaning, proper ventilation and also the spacious area. It is important to notice that if you look for large hamster cages the wire cages are the way to go. There should be a standard selected size for the hamster and a lot of different factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing the perfect wire cage for your hamster.

Some of the things to keep in mind:

As an owner of a hamster, it falls under your soul duty to make sure that the hamster gets a good sized home and also a proper environment where he feels welcomed. We have enlisted some of the things to keep in mind before buying a wire cage for your furry friend.

  • The size of the cage:

This is probably one of the most important factors to keep into account. The standard size of a wire cage is approximately 360 square inches and should be nothing less than that. It can be something that is bigger than that but definitely not smaller. Another thing is the size of the cages might be changed in accordance to how fast the hamster is growing. It is best to avoid buying the large cages right at the beginning because even too much space is not something that they would be used to.

  • Ventilation:

Breathing in the fresh and clean air is something that reflects on the physical health of the hamster. Wire cages provide a lot of ventilation and also are best because the ammonia content is not overpowering and helps in maintaining the proper health of the hamster.

  • Safety and Security:

Wire cages lack a bit when it comes to the safety and security because it has been seen in a lot of cases that the hamster tends to escape through the gaps and also hurt them with the wires. Buying a wire cage is something that should be done very carefully and also should be properly inspected for any kind of loose wires or even for the proper spacing in the cage so that the hamster doesn’t escape. It is also best to buy the wire cages which have a solid metal base so that they don’t end up hurting themselves.

To sum it all up:

To conclude it all, we have listed some of the pros and cons for the wire hamster cages.


  • Properly ventilated and spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Cage bars also helps the hamsters in climbing and making them feel like home


  • The hamsters might get hurt from chewing or even climbing the wires in the cage
  • The small hamsters might even escape through the gaps and spaces in the cage

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